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  • Atlantic Ocean
  • Baltic Sea
  • Mediterranean
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  • Discipleship
  • Missions / Outreach
  • Retreats
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    Ministry overview

    Having acquired TS Britta in January work is needed to prepare her for Christian sail-training.

    I believe in accepting all onboard regardless of age, culture, experience or disability as there is always a place for every person to fit into our family. We just have to find where you fit best and how! Complete beginners who have never sailed before are welcome as full training provided.

    Our intended area of operation will be from west Scotland to The Canaries and as far east as Greece.

    Current Needs

    (Updated: 08 Apr 2020)

    I seek volunteer help in Sweden and then in north Wales for the following: –
    Replacing oak planks – about 80m
    Sanding and painting
    Interior carpentry
    Fitting new WCs and showers
    Cooking, shopping and cleaning
    Obtaining ventilation cowlings, waterproofs & boots, slimline lifejackets, tools, a washing machine, dryer and watermaker.

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    Key People

    Chris Wren

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