Fika monthly meetings


We meet on the first Saturday of every month on Zoom at 17:00 UTC.
If you are working in maritime missions, we would love you to join us!

Simply subscribe to our mailing list and you will receive invites to join our monthly zoom calls and get prayer updates from across the fleet. (if you want to join us this month, drop us an email so I can make sure you get the login details)

We can’t wait to get to know you and see how we can encourage and pray for one another!

2021 Conference


The 2021 conference will be held in Porto Astro, Greece, from the 23rd till the 26th April 2021.

Further details will be posted here in due course!

We hope you will be able to join us in person.

Online conference a great success!


On the weekend of 4-5th April when we were planning to meet at Kings Fleet in Germany, we instead held our first online conference.

It was a great success with 54 people attending from 19 ministries on the Saturday and then 23 skippers joining on the Sunday.

Seeing everyone on screen, hearing updates and praying for one another was so encouraging and we realise that it is a good way for people further afield to participate who are unable to travel, not just this year with COVID, but in following years also.

We have formed a new private group for anyone that is involved with one of the ministries to share and support one another. You can request to join this by visiting

If you don’t already receive our emails, then please take a moment and signup here we would love to keep in touch and hopefully you can join us online or in person for the next conference!

Until then God bless

The Kings Fleet Crew

2020 Conference Cancelled


Dear Friends in Christ,

Now it is time to tell you that the conference is definitely cancelled, even for our German friends.

At the last Kings Fleet 2019 in Oskarshamn we changed names for prayer partnership, you remember?

We would suggest that you make contact with your prayer partner by phone, mail, skype, WhatsApp, whatever and talk, encourage, console each other and pray together.

If you want to share something from your ministry, update or prayer, please make use of the KingsFleet homepage and publish some news. 

To do this just email any update to Cameron at 

We are also looking at ways that we could hold a ‘virtual’ conference online and will announce news of this soon.  If this goes ahead then you could join us from anywhere in the world 🙂



Created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them. (Eph.2,10)

May God richly bless you!

We will meet again!

Reinhild and Martin Saal
Missionskutter ELIDA

Coronavirus Update


You might have been wondering what we are going to do regards the conference in light of the Coronavirus outbreak…

We still intend to hold the Kings Fleet conference. 🙂  As long as there are no restrictions from the government or the hostel, we will meet as planned.

Our lives are in Gods Hands and he keeps us in the shadow of his mighty wings, so we don’t plan to miss the opportunity to encourage one other. There are so many challenges in the world, why should we be afraid of this one in particular?

Want some encouragement?  Check out this short video from Christopher Alam. đź™‚

At the same time, we respect everyone who wishes to back out from the registration, or can’t travel for a related reason in this case, please let us know as soon as possible.

2020 Kings Fleet Conference


Update: Conference Cancelled

Dear Friends,

the Missionskutter ELIDA e.V. invites you to join the next Kings Fleet Conference from the 4th April due to 7th April 2020 in Germany.

We are already really excited to meet you all. We love the community in Christ across all languages and borders and the experience in common prayer. During the conference, every ministry has the opportunity to give a review of their last year with all missions and experiences.

We will pray for each other and get new strength through our communion for our ministry. We will bless each other and expect from god that his blessing will lead us.


We invite you just like eight years ago to “Schloss Ascheberg” in Plön / north Germany. In the castle there is place for 100 people to sleep. There are simple multi-bed rooms with only a bit more space like on a ship – you will feel like on board!

This year’s theme is “we are his work”. Inspired by the old English word from the King James Bible “workmanship”. Like a ship needs a lot of handicraft work we are simultaneously working in spiritual sense at His, that is Gods, ministry. Therefore we will study the bible, strengthen our faith though prayer, encourage each other for our ministry work and motivate through face-to-face talks.

We are looking forward to eventful and blessed days with you!
Very warm welcome!
Martin und Reinhild Saal
and the ELIDA-Crew

Download the PDF with full information.

Conference Information / Application – English

Conference Information / Application – Swedish

Conference Information / Application – German

2019 King’s Fleet Conference


Oskarshamn, Sweden 12th to 15th of April

It is a great joy to invite you to Oskarshamn, Sweden Friday 12th to Monday 15th of April, 2019. Once again we will gather around our common goal, to expand the kingdom of God using boats as tools. It is always exciting when our annual conference is coming up and we can come together as the King’s Fleet.

This year’s theme is ”Step by step”. Trust every step in our life to Jesus and see the wonders that He has prepared for us. Don’t get hung up on troubles, instead walk step by step toward new discoveries, renewed visions and to meet new people. During this days let God inspire every each of us for next step in our missions, and be the inspiration for others. “Commit thy way unto Jehovah; Trust also in him, and he will bring it to pass” – Psalms 37:5

During the conference we will listen to reports from our various ministries. We will have Bible studies and seminars and participate in strategic prayer for our ministries. Also there will be various activities, time for fellowship with each other, tours etc.
Let us all come together with prepared hearts and expectation to meet God. This approach will lead to a fruitful conference where we all are blessed and filled of God’s Spirit.

Welcome to King’s Fleet Conference 2019

Lucie Jonsson through
Birger Borgemo