Congo River Mission

Ministry Name: 

Congo River Mission

Base Location:

Congo River

Vessels Operated:

Types of Ministries:

Aid Transportation, Missions / Outreach

Areas of Operation:

Inland Waterways

Key People:
Johan Meintjes

Ministry overview

CongoRiverMission (WorktheLand) brings Good News and teaches Christians to govern the land in countries south of the African Sahara desert, as competent agricultural stewards.

Congo River Mission is now an associate endeavour with Frontline Mission in Cape Town. It all started as El-Shaddai Projects International in 2005 as a Tentmaker or self supporting faith-based missionary enterprise regarding its basic running costs. The purpose, though, is Kingdom impact. The Christian Church in the West is sometimes accused of being lukewarm, apathetic and compromised, – being more politically and money motivated than being Biblical. El-Shaddai Projects International exhorts the churches to equip members for a full gospel functionality into all the earth, we encourage individual members to discover their talents, gifts, calling, personal ministry and Kingdom purpose and we do agricultural outreach as mission in Southern-Africa and along the Congo River. We partner with and account to the Christian church, Christian business, NGOs and government agencies for a full gospel result. Please partner with us in prayer, financial support and outreach. Thank you. God bless!

Practical Needs

(Updated: 11 Apr 2022)

A note from Johan – April 2022

Having worked on re-establishing Congo River Mission between Kisangani and Kinshasa as well as the many tributaries since 2004, I am running into injury time with little to show on the ground (or the River) after 17 years!

I propose an unbundling of the three main elements aimed at establishing Congo River Mission sustainably since the BMS (Baptist Missionary Society) had left the Belgian Congo (now the DRC)

I am looking for maritime missions experts with riverboat and tugboat experience to team up with locals and the vast shipping and cargo potential of the Congo River, for a sustainable and self-supported enterprise to spread Good News and good local business development initiatives.

For more info, please don’t hesitate to get in touch directly with Johan, or email us for his contact.

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