Crew Needed – Greece 2023 onwards

Crew / ministry team, for the S/Y ENCOUNTER – a 90ft traditional gaff-rigged schooner.

Specifically, we are looking for people called to Christian ministry, be they men, women or couples, with a passion to serve the purposes of God. This crew will need to cover the rolls of Skipper, Mate, deckhand and Cook.

They also need to be in a position to minister to the spiritual needs of those aboard, through a life exemplifying the character of Jesus. Able to teach the Word of God. Mentor younger believers. Inspire and equip them to serve His kingdom, whilst leading them into a deeper faith and relationship with God.

Skipper and Mate will both need to have at least a Yacht Master Offshore license, with adequate experience serving in these positions aboard yachts of 50ft or more. The deckhand and cook do not need qualifications as such, but adequate experience in serving groups of around 20 persons.

Candidates will be asked to give evidence of both formal and informal roles in ministry opportunities they’ve had in the past.

Candidates will need to raise basic financial support and all applicants must qualify for EU residency.

To apply, contact:

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