Ministry Name: 


Base Location:

Lake Charles, Louisiana, USA

Vessels Operated:

Spirit of Grace, Spirit of Hope, Mersea, Hope

Types of Ministries:

Aid Transportation, Discipleship, Disaster Relief, Maritime Training, Missions / Outreach

Areas of Operation:

Atlantic Ocean

Ministry overview

Friend Ships operates 4 “mercy ships” that take aid all over the planet.
Often, they go to an area following a disaster. Assistance includes providing food and supplies, a medical clinic/hospital, and communication through an on-board radio station. They have a helicopter aboard one ship with heat-sensing equipment, making it possible to spot survivors in a time of disaster.
Friend Ships has the ability to provide a “city’s worth” of assistance to remote, stricken areas.

Practical Needs

(Updated: 02 Jan 2021)

Friend Ships is in need of full time and part time staff (no pay, no charge) with the following skills: All areas of maritime (including Deckhands, engineers and stewards), Food service, Mechanics, Office, Grounds Keeping, House Keeping, Construction, Welding, Media, Driving, Fitness Instructors. Looking for a life of meaning and real purpose? Consider Friend Ships.

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