Lifegroup: Aurelius – sailing for fun

Ministry Name: 

Lifegroup: Aurelius – sailing for fun

Base Location:

North East Germany

Vessels Operated:

Aurelius II

Types of Ministries:

Discipleship, Maritime Training, Missions / Outreach, Retreats

Areas of Operation:

Baltic Sea

Key People:
Michael & Gesina


Ministry overview

We serve local collages and young people mostly between 20-40 by facilitating sailing adventure and discipleship through use of our SAILING YACHT on the baltic sea.

We use sailing fun mostly for the non-sailing community to share the joy God has given us. We serve the cruising & port community in practical and tangible ways, being “salt and light”.

We share the gospel through short „bible snacks“ (our own creative idea) or/and personal testimonies with all that we come in contact with.

We use our sailing yacht AURELIUS as conversation openers and as a methodology to make new friends who may share our passion for sailing.

We are a Christian ministry carrying the gospel to the nations with our sailing yacht Kings Cruiser 29 through the doorway of God’s will and divine opportunity.

We function as private people under the cover of the local church, working alongside churches, other organizations and local people. Our work is to evangelize, disciple, multiply and extend God’s love through a practical outreach to people on or near the water and as God directs.

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