Light of the World Aid International

Ministry Name: 

Light of the World Aid International

Base Location:

Northern Greenland

Vessels Operated:


Types of Ministries:

  • Missions / Outreach
  • Areas of Operation:

  • Arctic Ocean

  • Key People:
    Daniel & Solveig Kinda

    Ministry overview

    Summer Ministry
    Our summer ministry in Northern Greenland consists of travelling up the coast to different villages by our boat called “Qaamaneq”. Most of the year these remote villages are completely blocked due to the severe coastal icing conditions and weather, which makes travelling north impossible most of the year.

    This is how the summer ministry began: We (The Kindas) felt led by the Lord to go north to take His Word to hard to reach places by evangelizing and teaching the Word of God in Northern Greenland. This is why Light of the World purchased “Qaamaneq” which means “The Light” in 2017.

    In Greenland, the summer months are about a three-month window in June, July and August. There are nearly 2,000 miles of northern coastline with approximately 25 villages to be reached out to the north of our town, Qasigiannguit, where we live.

    The boat, “Qaamaneq”, will have a crew of about 4-5 people which includes us (Daniel & Solveig). We will all live onboard for the duration of the Northern travels while we visit the villages. As the Lord leads, we will stop in a village for weeks to a month at a time, teaching the Word of God. Our goal is to ground people in Christ, so they too can start sharing with others the good news of the Gospel, salvation thru Christ Jesus within their own village, making disciples of all men. (Matt. 28: 19-20).

    Part of the summer ministry is bringing Bibles, New Testaments and Children’s Bibles, tracts and some audio recordings from the Bible along to pass out in the villages. In this way, people can keep growing in the Lord even after the boat leaves. Also, we will keep in contact with the new believers in each village by phone or internet to encourage them and answer any questions they may have about the Scriptures.

    Winter Ministry
    Due to extreme weather conditions between winters and summers here in Northern Greenland, our ministry has to change with the seasons. During our summer months up north, which is June, July and August, give or take a month, we travel in our boat “Qaamaneq” to villages teaching the Bible, but in the winter months we are basically land locked in our town, Qasigiannguit, of about 1000 people.

    There is a helicopter that comes to town 3 to 4 times a week in the winter months depending on weather conditions, but they only travel between us and 2 other larger towns in our area. In the smaller villages of 35 to 250 people, the helicopter is used only if there is an emergency. So our ministry in the winter months is only in our town called “Qasigiannguit”, and it consists of Bible studies and prayer groups as well as counseling people in need.

    Practical Needs

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