Melanesia Boat Project

Ministry Name: 

Melanesia Boat Project

Base Location:


Vessels Operated:

to be constructed

Types of Ministries:

  • Aid Transportation
  • Boat Building
  • Disaster Relief
  • Medical Care
  • Missions / Outreach
  • Areas of Operation:

  • Pacific Ocean
  • Key People:
    Jim & Gina Nie


    Ministry overview

    Please take 5 minutes to watch the entire video because at the end you will see a tribute to our friend Hosea. Tragically, he was lost at sea while serving on our translation team in Papua New Guinea. This is more common than you think! Many reasons exist for these frequent accidents that include overloading boats, poor maintenance, lack of safety gear, untrained captains, and (sigh) too many others to list here. With YOUR involvement, we can help solve this issue!

    YOU can be part of this LIFE SAVING ministry

    2021 will continue with activities to raise the funds for building / deploying MSV-1. You can help by sharing what we are doing with others. hosting speaking events and introducing us to those who want to learn more about the vast needs for boat humanitarian aid (Boat Aid).

    How long will it take?
    Manufacturing the boat will begin when the funds have been secured. It is expected that the build process from start to launch will take 14-16. Please continue to pray for God’s provision for this critically needed tool!

    We are THANKFUL for all your encouragement and faithful giving to the Melanesia Boat Project!

    Here is what the plan looks like:
    Phase 1 – Concept plans, probable cost to build – ✔
    Phase 2 – Architectural plans – ✔
    Phase 3a – Bids received ✔
    Phase 3b – Builder selection – In Progress
    Phase 4 – Fundraise! Build, name the vessel, launch – In Progress
    Phase 5 – Outfit vessel with outreach tools and equipment, crew selection and training
    Phase 6 – Delivery of MSV-1 to service, conduct first season of outreach, proof of concept, make adjustments and requisition MSV-2.

    Practical Needs

    (Updated: 26 Jun 2021)

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