Missionsbåten Christina

Missionsbaten Christina

Ministry Name: 

Missionsbåten Christina

Base Location:


Areas of Operation:

  • Inland Waterways
  • Ministries:

  • Missions / Outreach
  • Vessels Operated:


    Ministry overview

    In 1986 Harry Jonsson built the Christina mission boat and conducted many missions in Vänern and Dalsland’s canal.

    After the boat changed owners a few times, Mats Gabinus bought the mission boat Christina in 2002.

    He had long borne on the vision and dream of a mission boat.

    In 2007 the mission boat association Christina was formed and she is now doing new service in the waters she was once built for.

    Current Needs

    (Updated: 18 Nov 2019)

    Contact Details

    Key People

    Signe Ivansson, Ellinor Börjesson

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