Ministry Name: 


Base Location:

Baltimore, USA

Vessels Operated:

Condor, Usher

Types of Ministries:

Maritime Training, Retreats

Areas of Operation:

Atlantic Ocean, Inland Waterways

Key People:
Steve Maddox


Ministry overview

We were founded in 2012 by a group of sailors who realized that a sailboat is an excellent classroom and that sailing is a practical way to reinforce all kinds of learning. Our hands-on programs are built around water related activities. We engage our students in a practical approach to learning.

In the setting of a sailing experience, whether a formal lesson or a relaxing sailing trip, we lead participants through a critical thinking process to develop problem solving skills. Through the process we also focus on leadership, communication, patience, attentiveness and team work resulting in higher self-awareness/self-worth.

Located on the Chesapeake Bay and working out of Baltimore, we instil an affinity for the sea in all we do.

Practical Needs

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