Wasser und Land

Wasser und Land - Sela

Ministry Name: 

Wasser und Land

Base Location:

Greifswald, Germany

Areas of Operation:

  • Baltic Sea
  • Ministries:

  • Discipleship
  • Vessels Operated:

    Sela, Weisse Düne, Twee Gebroeders

    Ministry overview

    Since the club was founded in September 2005, the club consists of currently 19 members. We are a colorful group, all age groups are represented here. At our regular club meetings, we talk about the work of the association and gather new ideas to design future projects. Singing, praying, talking, cooking, discussing with each other on our club weekends. The togetherness is in the foreground for us. We are happy about guests and new faces. Simply drop by…

    The aim of our association’s work is to design experiential educational projects on the topics of “marriage”, “family” and “society”. Our work is based on Christian values. Social work / social pedagogy form the basis for implementation.
    In cooperation with the sailing ship “Weisse Düne” or “Twee Gebroeders” or the “Sela” we offer various actions on the water as well as ashore.

    • Marriage, family, youth
    • Christian values
    • Social work / social

    Current Needs

    (Updated: 18 Nov 2019)

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