YWAM Marine Reach U.K.


Ministry Name: 

YWAM Marine Reach U.K.

Base Location:

Harpenden, UK

Areas of Operation:

  • Mediterranean
  • Ministries:

  • Discipleship
  • Maritime Training
  • Missions / Outreach
  • Vessels Operated:

    Next Wave

    Ministry overview

    In November 2004, YWAM’s Marine Reach, led by Captain Brian Sloan, chartered the 42m Swedish sailing vessel (then called Elida) to take outreach teams from Wales, Sweden, Belgium and the Netherlands to ports along the Morocco coast. This was a great success and the vessel’s owners invited YWAM to purchase the vessel. These were days of seeking God for fresh vision and YWAM England embarked on 40 weeks of prayer and fasting. Towards the end of this time, Captain Brian Sloan and his wife Anne, felt lead to offer their services to pioneer the ministry of this sail training vessel within YWAM.

    YWAM England followed God’s voice to purchase the Elida which was then christened Next Wave. Its vision was to “unleash the next wave” of ships ministry. In September of 2007 it ran its first DTS starting in Liverpool, sailing all the way to Turkey. Since then, the Next Wave has voyaged from as far north as Norway; west as Ireland; east as Ukraine, in the Black sea and south as Israel. She has run a DTS every autumn, a School of Evangelism, a Discipleship Bible School/Voyage through the Bible, hosted dozens of outreach teams and medical outreaches to Albania, Bulgaria and Ukraine.

    The vessel is ideal for deep discipleship and a great tool for evangelism, as well as providing a mobile YWAM base, often going to the places where there is no YWAM presence.

    Amidst the refugee crisis in 2015, the Next Wave demonstrated its valued ability of being its own mobile base that sails to where the Lord directs. The Next Wave sailed to the island of Lesvos, Greece where it has been in port since February 2016: partnering with YWAM Biarritz, helping pioneer YWAM Lesvos, running a School of Navigation and Seamanship (SONS), and hosting outreach teams to work in the refugee camps.

    One thing is certain, the Captain and crew always look to God for their compass bearings. Where will we sail next? Come aboard to find out!

    Current Needs

    (Updated: 12 Sep 2019)

    Contact Details

    Key People

    Brian Sloan

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