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MCA Qualifications – Yachts or Merchant Navy

You have two options within the MCA, one is a (Yachts) ticket which is aimed at commercial yachts, carrying up to 12 passengers, or unlimited tickets, which are not restricted in this way.

The unrestricted tickets, are required to work on ships, such as Mercy Ships and OM, or to carry cargo, even if the vessel is smaller.

The unrestricted route is a serious commitment in time and usually best approached by joining a shipping or cruise company in the Merchant Navy and being sponsored through your courses.

The yacht qualifications still require a serious amount of time, and finances but are a simpler route to a deck officers ticket, although they are restricted to 500 tons / 3000 tons a maximum of 12 passengers and no cargo.

Here we are focusing on the yacht route.

MCA Deck Officer (Yachts)                    MCA Engineering Officer