Kings Fleet

King’s Fleet is a global gathering of Evangelical Christian individuals and mission organizations who are passionate about and who employ boats and ships of every description as ministry tools to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The term“King’s Fleet” is the recognition that our vessels are representative members of Christ’s navy. Our associated members (crews) can be found on all the worlds oceans, seas, rivers, and sounds.

King’s Fleet has been gathering in Europe and now the United States for over thirty years.

If you are passionate about Christ and using boats and ships as a way to reach people on the world’s waterways, please join us at the next King’s Fleet conference and join our online community.

We are developing this website into a hub where we can network and connect with each other.  In the meantime we have listed all Christian, boat-based ministries that we are aware of with the aim of encouraging one another, sharing needs, resources and networking more effectively.

God bless you and it's great to have you on board!