Conference 2021 – Online – Confidence at Sea

Paul's encouragement to mariners

It is with great joy that we invite you in partnership with Shalom Ministries for the annual Kingsfleet Conference! Broad Reach is honoured to be your host once again!

The Schedule

Kingsfleet’s virtual conference will take place April 23rd, 24th and 25th from 1500-1800 UTC.  We appreciate these times won't work for everyone but have tried to include the most people from the most time zones possible.
(Some parts of the conference will be recorded for those unable to attend)


There will be four workshops spread over two days.

Divine Appointments - Dan Smith
The Women of Kings Fleet
 - Corrine Krogman

Leading on the edge - Dale Smyth
Maintenance with Excellence
 - Cameron Springthorpe

Live Worship


Times of worship will be led by Jake Wadsworth and a worship team.


We are honoured to have Stu Krogman from Alberta, Canada joining us, he will once again encourage our hearts with a short devotional before our presentations and meetings.

Come and be re-energised!

Maybe you have been feeling as though you have been in a bit of a desert?  Perhaps you have lost some hope with all the lockdown measures that have robbed you of your freedoms. 

Maybe you have lost some of your confidence!  Our desire is that you come prepared to receive what Jesus has for all of us! We are confident that you will not only be blessed but be re-energised to continue following the call of Jesus in all that he has stored for you.

May the Lord bless you richly,

Alex Macris