Kings Fleet was founded about 30 years ago in Sweden by Birger Borgemo from Shalom Ministries. Initially, it was a group of skippers from maritime ministries in Sweden and throughout Northern Europe who met together annually.

An American conference was hosted by Dan Smith from Maritime Ministries helping to spread the word on the other side of the Atlantic.

In 2019 Cameron Springthorpe attended the Swedish conference and recognizing the need for an online presence created the Kings Fleet website, took on the email list from Birger and started spreading the word further afield.

This turned out to be an example of God's perfect timing as with C19 around the corner it was impossible to meet in person. Each year a different ministry takes it in turn to host the conference, and in 2020 it was due to be hosted by the Elida crew in Germany as this was sadly not possible, the first online conference was held which was a great success and included people from many countries.

Regular online meetings followed with the help of Dan Smith, Michael Seyfert from Sailing for Fun and Ann Ford from YWAM, as connections continued to grow around the world.

In 2021 we were due to be going to Greece to be hosted by Alex Macris from Broad Reach Maritime, but again this wasn't possible due to covid, so we expanded the online conference over a full weekend, with great live worship, teaching times and fellowship. You can watch this conference here.

Now we are back to in person meetings annually as well, catch up on the last conference and plan to join us next time!
Annual Conferences