Boaters Christian Fellowship

Ministry Name: 

Boaters Christian Fellowship

Base Location:

England, UK

Vessels Operated:


Types of Ministries:

Missions / Outreach

Areas of Operation:

Inland Waterways

Key People:
Jan Halford, Chair

boaters christian fellowship

Ministry overview

The Boaters’ Christian Fellowship is a group of Christians who appreciate the Inland Waterways. We are from all denominations, and we only ask that members support our aims.

The BCF was founded in 1995 by Alan and Hazel Dilnot, and now has over 600 members (individuals, couples and families), with approximately 350 privately owned boats between them. However, owning a boat is not a condition of membership. We have members who hire, some who live near a canal, some who crew on other members’ boats – and some who live abroad!

If you share our love for the Inland Waterways and our Lord, then you area eligible to join the Boaters’ Christian Fellowship. Although we are spread throughout the country (as well as having International members!), we try to make it possible for members to get together. We have an annual Fellowship weekend and our AGM is another good time to meet up, as we keep the business side to a minimum. Every two years we hold a Spring gathering – a chance to meet up before the start of the main cruising season. Plus, of course, boaters meet up informally as they cruise the system. Members also organise ad-hoc get-togethers. Sometimes a pub lunch, maybe a canal or river walk. We have also enjoyed a trip through the Dudley Tunnel with the Dudley Canal Trust, followed by a fellowship lunch.

We are corporate members of the IWA (Inland Waterways Association) and AWCC (Association of Waterways Cruising Clubs). We are a registered charity.

The aims of the BCF are Fellowship, Worship and Witness.

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