Christian Boaters Association

Ministry Name: 

Christian Boaters Association

Base Location:

Vessels Operated:

Types of Ministries:

Boat Building, Missions / Outreach, Retreats

Areas of Operation:

Key People:
John and D. Annette Sasser

Ministry overview

We are Christians interested in boating and seek to reflect our faith in all aspects of boating lifestyles and activities.

Our members range from individual boaters who desire the fellowship of other Christian boaters as well as those with organized boat-based ministries.

CBA members are in most of the 50 states and approximately 14 different countries. All have the same desire to use boating as a means to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ on the waterways of the world.


To provide opportunities for mutual support, encouragement and fellowship among Christians who have an active interest in boating.

To enlist, equip, and encourage Christian boaters in showing the love of God through various forms of ministry and outreach.

To provide an information network to support Christian ministries for people involved in boating and related activities.

To assist Christian churches, associations of churches, and organizations in planning water-oriented ministry projects and programs.

To relate the Christian faith to the lives of recreational and liveaboard boaters, and other persons involved in boating-related settings or activities by:

– Bearing witness on the water to the saving power of Jesus Christ.
– Communicating through word and deed the good life in Jesus Christ.
– Being genuine and sensitive in relations with other people.
– Using boating interests and skills in the furtherance of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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