Elida Mission

Ministry Name: 

Elida Mission

Base Location:


Vessels Operated:

Types of Ministries:

Missions / Outreach, Retreats

Areas of Operation:

Atlantic Ocean, North Sea

Key People:
Geir Zachariassen, Arne Bech Sørensen

Ministry overview

We want to bring campers to camp, where they will experience sailing, teaching, unity, barbecues and swimming. This will be similar to the way Elida in Norway was run in the 90s. The teaching that is given on such trips will also include an anti-mob program that is based both on social science theories and on some research from eg. Center for Behavioral Research in Stavanger. This in addition to being able to take care of parts of the Christian teaching that the Confirmants are going through, of course in collaboration with the church / church.

We also envision being able to bring Christian youth in order to build and strengthen relationships between them. We believe that Jesus is true God and true man. This means that Jesus is showing us the way to the true human. Therefore, we want to help Christian youth to be able to speak truthfully about the human and the challenges they face in everyday life while learning to know God and trusting that He can intervene in life in a supernatural way. Some of the topics that will be addressed are based on social science theories and were previously taught at the youth level with good relationship-building results. There will also be a clear focus on the person Jesus and the relationship one can have with Him.

We also want to connect with the Christians in the “remote places”. Sometimes it will include taking the few local Christian youths on a weekend trip. Other times to be there and have fellowship with Christians in order to strengthen friendship and together seek Jesus for the local congregation / church / congregation.

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