Mercy Ships

Ministry Name: 

Mercy Ships

Base Location:

Texas, USA

Vessels Operated:

Africa Mercy, Global Mercy

Types of Ministries:

Disaster Relief, Medical Care, Missions / Outreach

Areas of Operation:

Atlantic Ocean

Key People:
Don and Deyon Stephens


Ministry overview

Mercy Ships is a faith-based international development organisation that deploys hospital ships to some of the poorest countries in the world, delivering vital, free healthcare to people in desperate need.

Since 1978, Mercy Ships has provided services and materials in developing nations valued at over $1 billion, impacting about 2.61 million direct beneficiaries, with over 592 port visits in 55 developing nations and 18 developed nations.

Global Mercy is the largest ever purpose-built civilian hospital ship with more than double the capacity to make a positive impact in surgical health care delivery in areas around the world where access is limited. Along with the Africa Mercy, this ship stands in the gap for many of the poorest in our world, providing modern health care, world-class training and one-on one mentorship for the benefit of our host nations’ population. This multi-pronged approach bridges the gap from state-of-the-art health care delivery to the developing health care systems of sub-Saharan Africa. We invite you to join us. Together, we can become the bridge to hope and healing.

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