Missionskutter ELIDA

Ministry Name: 

Missionskutter ELIDA

Base Location:

Kiel, Germany

Vessels Operated:

Elida II, Bris

Types of Ministries:

Discipleship, Missions / Outreach

Areas of Operation:

Baltic Sea, Inland Waterways, North Sea

Key People:
Martin Saal

Ministry overview

The missionary ELIDA sails with the idea of ​​reaching people in North and Baltic Sea ports in the summer months with the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Our ship serves us as an attractive place far away from the everyday.

The ship is a former fishing boat built in 1939, which has often been rebuilt in painstaking detail for our purposes. We can take in a crew of 16 people, who sail with us on a variety of trips in the Baltic Sea.

At ELIDA, we value the teaching of traditional seamanship. If you share our main concern and would also like to learn navigation, sailing and knot science on holiday, you have the option to hire as a crew member on a weekly basis, to broaden your horizons and to be present at the various job sites!

Members of different Christian denominations belong to the team of Missionary Cutter ELIDA Inc. We all share the same goal: to inspire people with the love of Jesus! Work on ELIDA is done in an honorary way – would you like to join us? Meet us at Kings Fleet Conference 2020!

By the way, ELIDA is an old Nordic ship’s name and means “fast sailing” … we manage 7 knots! 😉

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