Safe Harbor

Ministry Name: 

Safe Harbor

Base Location:

Jacksonville, FL

Vessels Operated:

Sixty-plus donated boats of all sizes

Types of Ministries:


Areas of Operation:

Atlantic Ocean

Key People:
Doug and Robbie Smith


Ministry overview

The Safe Harbor is a registered private school in the State of Florida. Our academic philosophy is built on the belief that education is a lifelong process and occurs in every area of life.

OUR MISSION: Transformational “Sea Change”

We provide a structured transformational setting and educational alternative for boys, age 14-17, who may otherwise end up in harsher state-run juvenile programs.

Boys in minor trouble with the law, expelled from school, who are exhibiting bad behavior are counseled and mentored by our team. They learn responsibility, self-respect, and respect for others, while they also have the opportunity to learn a vocation.

The mission of Safe Harbor is to provide a caring, loving, disciplined atmosphere, to instill self-esteem, responsibility, and reliability in the boys. We endeavor to assist the boys in becoming responsible, mature and independent young men through spiritual, educational and vocational training. Our goal is to teach them to live and work in harmony with others, to be accepting and tolerant of their fellow man without compromising the truth, in a word to become mature. To this end we believe this is maturity:

  •  To know God and enjoy a personal relationship with Him.
  •  To be able to stick with a job until it is finished.
  •  To be able to bear an injustice without wanting to get even.
  •  To be able to carry money without spending it.
  •  To do one’s duty without being supervised.

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