Teleo – Living in the Design

Ministry Name: 

Teleo – Living in the Design

Base Location:

Annapolis, Maryland, USA

Vessels Operated:


Types of Ministries:

Discipleship, Missions / Outreach

Areas of Operation:

Atlantic Ocean, Arctic Ocean

Key People:
Dave and Jamie Stadler


Ministry overview

Nature has design. Sailboats have design, Sailors are uniquely designed by their Creator.

Teleo (Living in the Design) is a discipleship and outreach ministry that draws upon parallels of God as revealed in the Scriptures with stories and life lessons of sailing.

God places in the human soul a deep desire to live in the design of who we were created to be, and that desire is only met in Him. When you accomplish that for which you are created, there is a very special Greek word you are living out – Teleo. Jesus spoke a form of this word on the cross when He accomplished the will of His Father for our salvation. It is finished. Teleo goes far beyond the end of something. It has to do with a complete fulfillment, a mature perfection, and a wholeness. Jesus’s reason for being on this earth was YOU, and your reason for being on this earth is HIM.

God wants us to understand and live out our design in Him. The purpose of this ministry is to use sailing as a means to help people discover their eternal and divine purpose.

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