Worship Sailing

Ministry Name: 

Worship Sailing

Base Location:

Islamorada, FL, USA

Vessels Operated:

Viento Azul, Adoni

Types of Ministries:

Discipleship, Maritime Training, Missions / Outreach, Retreats

Areas of Operation:


Ministry overview

On board Worship sailing vessels our goal is to combine live-aboard sailing experience with mission service. Live aboard from a few days to a few months. Learn to sail, crew, stand watches, and participate on all on-board activities. Activities include, cooking, cleaning, vessel maintenance, sail handling and navigation. The Worship’s main goal is service to others. This includes people in need, communities, and areas that have experienced natural disaster.

Your service as a crew member will include working with various organizations and churches throughout Central America and the Caribbean
Our primary focus is service to Blue Water Surrender’s children’s home “Casa Agua Azul” located on the shores of Lake Izabal in Ensenada, Guatemala.
Service means many things from building projects which may provide shelter to a family in need, visiting and praying with others, working with children’s homes, clean up projects, arts and crafts, reading, sports activities, and more.
Our goal in service is to come along side of our brothers and sisters with love. As we meet the needs set before us opportunities are presented to serve in various forms.
We assist with natural disaster relief.
We must always remain open to promptings of the Holy Spirit of a change in plans.
Flexibility and willingness is a must in service.

All are welcome, no matter where you are spiritually. The captain and owners are believers.
It is not a requirement for crew. We believe Jesus will meet us wherever we are.
Sometimes this can be in the distant future.
​We live by love, grace, and tolerance.

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