YWAM Ships Kona

Ministry Name: 

YWAM Ships Kona

Base Location:

Hawaii, USA

Vessels Operated:

YWAM Liberty, Cloud Nine

Types of Ministries:

Discipleship, Disaster Relief, Maritime Training, Medical Care, Missions / Outreach

Areas of Operation:

Pacific Ocean

Key People:
Brett & Karen Curtis, Scott & Katie Suderno,


Ministry overview

YWAM Ships Kona is one location in the growing network known as YWAM Ships. This network represents independent vessels in many global YWAM locations. These vessels are named and operated uniquely and are varied in shape and size.
Together we share in YWAM’s vision of seeing 40 ships linking the resources and innovations of YWAM’s University of the Nations to the needs of people via the port cities, rivers and beaches of the world. Each YWAM Ships location is a separate organization with its own board of directors and local structure.
We are linked through relationships. We are a movement of volunteers, primarily made up young people.
Sailing Yacht Cloud Nine
The s/y CLOUD NINE is a sixty-foot ketch yacht in our partnerSHIP program that takes volunteers on three-week trips to remote outer islands from the city of Ebeye.
The western portion of the Marshall Islands are the most remote and cut off from all manner of services. As far as we know we are the only ones attempting to reach all the islands in this part of the northern Pacific.

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