Conference 2020 – Online – A great success!

On the weekend of 4-5th April when we were planning to meet at Kings Fleet in Germany, we instead held our first online conference.

It was a great success with 54 people attending from 19 ministries on the Saturday and then 23 skippers joining on the Sunday.

Seeing everyone on screen, hearing updates and praying for one another was so encouraging and we realise that it is a good way for people further afield to participate who are unable to travel, not just this year with COVID, but in following years also.

We have formed a new private group for anyone that is involved with one of the ministries to share and support one another. You can request to join this by visiting

If you don’t already receive our emails, then please take a moment and signup here we would love to keep in touch and hopefully you can join us online or in person for the next conference!

Until then God bless

The Kings Fleet Crew

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