Kingfisher Project

Ministry Name: 

Kingfisher Project

Base Location:

Skopolos, Greece

Vessels Operated:

Encounter (ex Genevieve Challenge)

Types of Ministries:

  • Discipleship
  • Retreats
  • Areas of Operation:

  • Mediterranean

  • Key People:
    Theo and Sandra Goutzios

    Ministry overview

    The Kingfisher Project is a part of “Torchbearers International”, a non-denominational, international Christian organisation.

    We offer holidays/retreats and discipleship training programs within a Christian community aboard the “Encounter” our 90ft (27m) traditional gaff rigged schooner, as she sails among the majestic islands and rugged coastal areas of Greece.

    Participants will learn to sail a traditional sailing ship, navigate and handle ropes. They will be challenged to adjust to life aboard with fellow cremates as together with them they explore the depths of God’s word.

    A typical day includes, three bible teaching sessions before lunch, sailing to exotic destinations in the afternoon and water sport such as windsurfing, snorkelling, team games etc. then anchoring in a protected cove for the night where we share our life stories and discuss with each other themes relating to practical christian living.

    We travel to biblical sites such as Philippi, and ancient Corinth, helping to bring scripture to life as we gaze over the landscapes that the apostle Paul saw and step where he stepped.

    Practical Needs

    (Updated: 14 Mar 2020)

    We need crew!

    Crew / ministry team, for the S/Y ENCOUNTER – a 90ft traditional gaff-rigged schooner.
    Operating as part of an international discipleship training ministry (Torchbearers) in northern Greece.

    Specifically, we are looking for 4 persons called to Christian ministry, be they men, women or couples, with a passion to serve the purposes of God. This crew will need to cover the rolls of Skipper, Mate, deckhand and Cook.

    They also need to be in a position to minister to the spiritual needs of those aboard, through a life exemplifying the character of Jesus. Able to teach the Word of God. Mentor younger believers. Inspire and equip them to serve His kingdom, whilst leading them into a deeper faith and relationship with God.

    Skipper and Mate will both need to have at least a Yacht Master Offshore license, with adequate experience serving in these positions aboard yachts of 50ft or more. The deckhand and cook do not need qualifications as such, but adequate experience in serving groups of around 20 persons.

    Candidates will be asked to give evidence of both formal and informal roles in ministry opportunities they’ve had in the past.

    A minimum commitment of 3 years will be required after the first three month trial period is completed. Months of service will be from 1st March – 1st December each season. A further period serving our bible school students ashore will be possible from 1st January to 1st March.

    Candidates will need to raise financial support to supplement the basic living expenses that the ministry will cover for the first three years. Further, all applicants must qualify for EU residency.

    To apply, contact:

    Theodore Goutzios
    Kingfisher Project Director
    Email: [email protected]
    Phone: +30 6973317166

    Where next?

    Please send any corrections / updates / new photos to:

    Thanks for your help!