Jenny Kruse

Ministry Name: 

Jenny Kruse

Base Location:

Pärnu, Estonia

Vessels Operated:

Jenny Kruse

Types of Ministries:

Missions / Outreach

Areas of Operation:

Baltic Sea

Key People:
Venno Slugen, Risto Tamm

Ministry overview

Our ship’s team and values

We are a Christian non-profit, sharing hope and faith. It is especially needed by those experiencing life difficulties, failures, addiction or evil. It is painful to live busted and to live with a broken person is also painful. The good news is that God also loves us broken, and He is ready to help us get healthy and complete again – if we allow Him to do so.

We are deeply convinced that through Jesus Christ, everyone can experience peace with themselves, with fellow human beings, and with God. Each person is created to enjoy life and the Giver of Life, to love God, to fellow human beings, and of course to himself. We want to share this joy and love, hope and peace with our friends, guests, clients and partners – first and foremost, but also in words when they are needed.

Jenny Kruse is a historic sailing ship with a fascinating past and a joyful and busy present. Our clients include tourists from Pärnu , congregations in Estonia, communities, companies and non-profit organizations all over Estonia.

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