Elida – Sailing for Jesus

Ministry Name: 

Elida – Sailing for Jesus

Base Location:

Mimergatan Gothenburg, Sweden

Vessels Operated:

Elida V

Types of Ministries:

Discipleship, Missions / Outreach

Areas of Operation:

Atlantic Ocean

Key People:
Stefan Abrahamsson

Ministry overview

Elida is known by many as “the sailing church” , because during the summers we are often seen in ports along our coasts with music, song and life stories presenting the Christian faith.

We also sail with many hundreds of young people each year who confirm themselves and either read their confirmation with us or come to camp with the church they have chosen to confirm themselves.

Our wish is that everyone feels welcome on board to do a wonderful sailing, see how the boat looks, ask questions or to take part in the community.

Although confirmation sails take up a large part of our calendar, we also have other types of sailing that are suitable for anyone to join – you do not have to believe in God or be church in any way. On the other hand, one should know that Elida is a place where we wish to have high ceilings and where there are many opportunities for reflection and conversation. The opportunity is given to “taste the Christian faith but there is no compulsion to buy” as the Captain usually says.

We are not in ourselves a church but Elida is an all-Christian organization where everyone who works aboard is connected to a home congregation where you come from and Elida could also be called the extended arm of the church, which aims to present the universal church, the Bible , Jesus and the Christian faith.

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