For-Giving Vessels

Ministry Name: 

For-Giving Vessels

Base Location:

Vessels Operated:


Types of Ministries:

Discipleship, Medical Care, Missions / Outreach, Retreats

Areas of Operation:

Pacific Ocean

Key People:
Captain Mike and Jessie Fleming

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Ministry overview

Our heart is to share the love of Jesus Christ through vessels. We have learned how instrumental boat vessels and human vessels may be the only way to reach those isolated, “least of these”, that live at the “ends of the earth.”

All of us are all unique Vessels and our desire is to use boats to help people share their personal relationship with God. While working on mission vessels or just taking a harbour cruise we hope to give a memorable boating experience where meaningful discussions can take place. Whether its to further individual relationships or discuss visions and plans on how to share God’s grace and love. We also have a heart for Pastors, Leaders and Missionaries who just need a nice getaway to relax.

For~Giving Vessels can be used as a unique platform to raise awareness of different ministries. Boats are also a great place for youth to enjoy and learn about God’s creation. We help equip and deliver boats into the mission field while helping establish and support boaters to assist shoreline ministries in remote areas. As West Coast Directors of Christian Boaters Association. Our vision is to connect Christian Boaters to “Come Alongside” other Christian Ministries. Whether you plan to go cruising or have a ministry of your own we wish to “Come Alongside” and help you full-fill the plan God has for you.

For~Giving Vessels ministry will help you connect up and help others while on your own God Journey.

Ministry Visions include….
Support Maritime Missions
Medical Missions to the Isolated
Physically go or Financially fund
Meet Physical needs
Meet Spiritual Needs
Deepen Faith
Use Yacht Platform for small group meetings
Recreational Outings
Youth Group Experiences
Pastoral Getaways
Introduce Agnostic to spiritual relationship
Invite general public to free Yachting experience to consider starting a journey
We would love discus any ideas with you. No commitment is necessary.

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