Missão Seara

Ministry Name: 

Missão Seara

Base Location:

Itacoatiara, Amazon

Vessels Operated:

Semeador II, Seara

Types of Ministries:

Missions / Outreach

Areas of Operation:

Inland Waterways

Key People:
Rick & Kim Parker

Ministry overview

The mission, SEARA is an agency affiliated to the Word of Life Organization – North , which operates between the rivers and streams of the State of Amazonas Serving, Evangelizing and offering assistance to the riverside people of the Amazon since 2004.

Our aim is to reach the Amazon region with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We aim to fulfill our purposes in three main ways. First by presenting the gospel of Christ, for this we hold camps for young people and children, we teach music through the Instituto Tocar and our boats navigate between rivers, boreholes and streams throughout the year carrying the word that transforms lives and “evangelizing” until a missionary can take up residence there.
Second, from those who have surrendered to Christ, the missionary initiates and continues the process with more intensity, relating to the community in which he lives and those surrounding him, teaching the Bible in public schools and homes. discipleship, teaching until a church is established, the work continues until that church has disciples who make other disciples, where each believer is a witness (self propagating), and who sustains himself, not only financially, but also with human potential (self-supporting), even though it has strong leaders who know how to lead the people to maturity (self-governed), Third, for this process the “Floating Seminar” and the “Training of leaders in communities” (TLC), are fundamental courses, for the training and preparation of local leaders,
We count on your prayers in favor of this work of God and invite you to come and be part of what God is doing in the SEARA Word of Life.

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