Good Samaritan Shipping

Ministry Name: 

Good Samaritan Shipping

Base Location:


Vessels Operated:


Types of Ministries:

Aid Transportation, Disaster Relief

Areas of Operation:


Key People:
The Downs Family, Ken and Linda Bauer, Jeff and Sheri Fields

Ministry overview

Good Samaritan Shipping Ministries is really about so much more than just shipping. Our desire is to “go” and to use our resources to facilitate aid in a whole host of situations. Much like a church planter needs access to materials not always found where they are working, so too do disaster relief organizations need access to supplies during crisis. With our shipping infrastructure GSSM will be able to respond in times of disaster, assisting in getting generously donated goods, supplies, water, tools, and volunteers to the effected area. We then will work alongside of existing organizations in partnership and collaboration to assist the hurting. 

The Glory is a 142 ft. fast crew boat, with 84 feet of wide open back deck. We can transport up to 250 tons of relief supplies, equipment, food, water, and medical goods at at a time. With a shallow draft, we are able to get into small ports and private docks, reaching areas that are often the hardest to reach. Additionally, we can carry up to 8 volunteers, have an amazing fuel range, and more than anything, can finally get to work serving those who desperately need access to shipping.

To God be all the GLORY for His provision, grace, mercy, and sustaining love. May He open our eyes to see the needs all around us, open our hearts with a desire to respond, and supply all our needs to respond as He calls.

Missionaries, churches, and humanitarian charities are currently working all across the world with limited ability to get vital resources and supplies. The great cost of international shipping prohibits many of these organizations from fulfilling the most basic of human needs or realizing the full potential of their dreams for expansion to enable them to serve more people and locations…

Good Samaritan Shipping Ministries, Inc. seeks to partner with people from all walks of life and Christians across all denominations with the aim of furthering the gospel of Jesus Christ, while seeing to the physical needs of our neighbors around the world. Our mission and vision are simple in all their intricacies, positioning us to work with religious and humanitarian organizations alike…

International shipping has always been a highly profitable industry, with a price tag that nearly always prohibits nonprofit organizations from fully utilizing the services. That’s where GSSM comes in. As missionaries to missionaries, we are fully funded by donations. We will provide shipping to selected 501(c)(3) organizations, both religious and non religious, that focus on helping people…

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