Living Journey

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Living Journey

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We set sail on a whole variety of modern charter sailing yachts in the 50+ foot range

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Discipleship, Missions / Outreach, Retreats

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Ministry overview

An Expedition In Search of Life

“A single journey can change the course of a whole life”

Living Journey sailing expeditions are spiritual treasure hunts. They were developed by a group of people who were tired of pretension and performance-based acceptance and who were hungry to know authentic life.

We all dream of a full life and yet we find ourselves confused and frustrated. Too often we must pose in order to gain value, identity and acceptance. Weighed down by all the shoulds and musts, we learn that behaviour-correction doesn’t solve the problem. That’s when we discover that we need more than improvement. We seek a new approach to life itself.

Inspired by early Christian ideas, these trips are recreational, non-religious, expeditions for men and women who are hungry to discover the real meaning of spiritual life. Spending a week onboard a yacht, sailing in the Mediterranean, will offer you’ll plenty of opportunities also to navigate and sail, relax, wine & dine, swim, and behold the beauty of the sea. Welcome aboard, as we set sail on a voyage of discovery!


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