Purpose Bound

Ministry Name: 

Purpose Bound

Base Location:

Laguna Beach, California

Vessels Operated:


Types of Ministries:

Discipleship, Missions / Outreach, Retreats

Areas of Operation:

Caribbean, Pacific Ocean

Key People:
Sam Ciatu

Ministry overview

Purpose Bound is a non-profit Christian ministry organization that offers unique travel experiences designed to accelerate the spiritual growth of its participants. Our core experiences are weekend and week-long sailing excursions that combine the elements of a retreat, a mission trip, and a travel adventure living on a sailboat and exploring the mainland.

Participants engage in discussion-based studies, and enjoy prayer, worship and personal reflection time in a beautiful ocean setting. We venture into the heart of local poverty, where participants serve and engage in hands-on mission work. Participants also experience area life and culture, and have the opportunity to see God’s creation up close through hiking, snorkeling, sailing and more. Individuals and smaller groups can select from our scheduled trips for 7-10 participants, and groups of any size can have a custom-designed trip created just for them.

Overall, each Purpose Bound trip is designed to be a life-changing experience resulting in significant personal growth and development as a Christian. By impacting participants, we hope they will be better prepared to impact others. At its core, our goals are to help each participant discover or re-discover their life purpose, mobilize them to action within the Christian service community, and create lasting connections with fellow believers. Ultimately, it is our prayer that each participant undergo deep transformation and lasting change. Our mission will be accomplished if each participant returns home completely committed to leading a life of purpose, and prepared to immediately put to use their unique gifts and talents for God’s kingdom work.

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