YWAM Solomons

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YWAM Solomons

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Types of Ministries:

  • Missions / Outreach
  • Areas of Operation:

  • Pacific Ocean
  • Key People:
    Eivind Andas

    Ministry overview

    Our vision is to reach out to people living in remote places in Solomon Islands and beyond to bring the Gospel in word and in deed. We see Sailboats as a perfect tool for this. First we want to start with finished sailboats to gain experience and excitement for the vision. In the end we want to build boats and teach this skill to more people for a multiplication effect.

    We have just launched this new ministry, and we have been donated a 28 feet monohull that we will use for sailing training and as a gateway into the sailing and boat building communities in the Solomon Islands. This boat will be stationed in the Western Province with the team of the new base there.

    Practical Needs

    (Updated: 30 Aug 2021)

    We are also currently fundraising to buy a Wharram Designs Tama Moana 38 feet that we hope to buy in 2021. This boat is designed from a traditional sailing canoe from Tikopia, and its simplicity and appropriate technology is a perfect fit for the Solomon Islands. We want to see more of these simpler boats around the islands, and we want to learn how to build more boats for the future.

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