Hold Fast

Hold Fast: Finding Faith in a Good God on a Journey Across the Sea

Kellie Covert

To hold fast means to hold tight. In its most nautical terms, it means to hold those lines with everything you have, to have one hand for you and one hand for the ship, to be relentless in the course you’ve chosen, even when that course may lead through some rough seas. To hold fast is to stubbornly refuse to let go, to push through when things get hard, to keep believing and stay the course. Everyone has their own story of when circumstances required them to hold fast. When life threw them a curve ball - whether amazing or discouraging - and they had to hold fast through it all, ride the waves and remain determined. The story you have in your hands is that story. And it just happens to be a nautical story. Hold Fast is a collection of stories from time spent living on a boat: the funny, the slightly ridiculous, the unimaginable, and sometimes, the nerve-wracking. Hold Fast is about being on a journey of striving to see and know the goodness and faithfulness of God. A journey full of outrageous invitations. And a journey that could only move forward by holding fast to a good and faithful God.

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