on a treasure hunt

On a Treasure Hunt…

Various with Michael Seyfert

Our writing project has been running worldwide since April 2020. We are looking for maritime stories from christian sailors for atheistic sailors, exciting, groovy and written in prose. There are currently 15 martime friends involved. The prototype "On a treasure hunt ..." came out in print on June 25th, 2021... Be curious! The release day of the first edition in german was on Friday, June 25th, 2021. Our editor personally handed us the first edition in german and we celebrated the first edition of the prototype in a small group. If you are a german speaking or understanding sailor yourself, charter or own a sailing yacht, you are welcome to pick up a free copy on board the AURELIUS II after the release day and go straight on a treasure hunt. You are also welcome to invite a team player from our AURELIUS team to your sailing club or sailing community for a small presentation and a mini reading. The booklet is only in german available at the moment.

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