Selo (1)

Selo!: Adventures with God in the Pacific

Hinrich Kränzlin

Selo! is a Fijian exclamation used in the outer islands of the Lau group. It is made by the person who first sights a sail or a ship approaching the island. That person announces the sighting by shouting "Selo!" as they run to the village. The village community then gets ready to welcome the vessel. There is generally great excitement and anticipation of what the ship may bring. This is the story of Hinrich and Katrina Kranzlin, a German couple who, for more than forty years, have followed the call of God on their lives. Serving with YWAM, they and their young family moved to Asia and then the Pacific Islands. Packed with stories of faith, provision and partnership, you will be inspired by what God can do through a family who seeks Him, and with confidence and joy, step into each new adventure He brings.

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