to Greece and the Distant Islands

To Greece And The Distant Islands: A journey of faith (Greek Life 1)

Barbara Gilis

What makes a successful London business woman leave it all behind to live on a Greek island? Living in a delightful, English country village, she had everything most people dream of. After a supernatural experience while on a Greek island, Barbara believed that she was to leave it all behind and move to Greece. But why and what exactly would she do when she got there? Seeking guidance at the outset, she had asked God to answer three very practical questions. Why Greece of all places? How should I do it? When am I supposed to do all this? The miraculous answers to those three questions were to change her life forever. She left behind the city banks with the security of a regular income and initially lived the simple outdoor life on a campsite on Paros. Having given away the money from the sale of her house before it was even sold, she had limited funds and no idea how she would live. Did God really tell her to go, or was she just deluded?

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